Coffee Beans

40  years of coffee roasting on our beloved 1970s Probat 12kg drum roaster allows for the perfect balance between olden days nostalgia & modern day small-batch speciality roasting styles.

Walt Coffee is a roast-to-order company – this maximises freshness & preserves the flavour of our speciality coffee beans.

Coffee beans contain oils which carry flavour and these oils evaporate when exposed to CO2 over time. To minimise this loss of flavour, we encourage our customers to place smaller orders more frequently (weekly) to ensure that they and their customers fully enjoy the hard work that goes into these beans, from the farm to the roaster.

Our beans are roasted to their optimal level by making use of roast profiling via sophisticated roasting equipment & techniques. This allows us to develop each bean in a way that brings out its best characteristics whilst also ensuring uniformity between roasts.

We seek to source only the best beans, overall cupping score of 80+ & free of any defects or unpleasant taints.

We’re particularly fond of quality coffees grown in mountainous regions at high altitudes since these conditions result in slow ripening of the coffee cherry which allows more time for flavour to develop before ripening and harvesting.

Our roasting philosophy:

  • We don’t roast dark! – The darker the roast, the more of the unique flavours related to the origin/ growing conditions are lost, most of our roasts are therefore around the medium mark and very rarely goes up to second crack.
  • We don’t believe in rushing a roast, we believe in allowing sufficient time for the beans to dry during the 1st part of the roast after which the beans are given between 3-6 minutes roast development time to develop the aromas & flavour following 1st crack.
  • We are artisan roasters that roast small batches whilst making use of sensory milestones & roast profiling to monitor the progress throughout each roast. We don’t punch numbers into a machine and walk away, each batch is the result of personal care & constant focus of the roast master.