Refurbished Espresso Machines

The options available for acquiring espresso equipment include:

  1. Buying New
  2. Refurbished equipment
  3. Used equipment

Our recommendation to clients are to consider investing in new or refurbished espresso machines, new espresso grinders as well as acquiring new espresso accessories.

Our refurbished espresso machines undergo a complete overall in which each machine is completely disassembled, cleaned and decalcified after which we conduct a full diagnostics test on all major parts, replace routine wear and tear items (such as Pumps, Gaskets, Shower heads, Boiler Valve & Pressure seals etc.) as well as other mechanical and electric parts where needed. Finally each machine is checked against our strict quality standards and if passed, becomes available to our customers.

Terms of Warranty

A warranty is an optional extra and will be clearly stated on your invoice should you choose that option. The warranty is provided at an additional cost of 10% of the value of the machine for a 6 month Warranty and 5% of the machines value for a 3 month Warranty. It can only be provided for in the major metropolitan areas (Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban). Warranty will only cover mechanical aspects of the machine but does NOT include any electrical aspects or water blockages.

Where warranties apply, official warranty (in the form of a separate document) will only be issued once installation by Walt Coffee or alternatively proof of correct installation by a professional technician (contracted by Purchaser) has been provided by the purchaser.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure correct installation of equipment (with suitable water filtration) by a trained technician and to provide proof thereof (in the form of invoice from technician and image of coffee station after installation) prior to operation of equipment and no later than 10 working days following date of collection of equipment. Walt Coffee PTY LTD cannot be held responsible for problems or damage caused due to incorrect & private installation.

Equipment are only to be operated by a trained barista, Walt coffee cannot be held responsible for damages affected due to incorrect operation.

Should a warranty not be taken and the machine is installed by a Walt Coffee technician, Walt Coffee will ensure smooth operation of the machine for 7 days. This also only applies to machines installed in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Walt Coffee is not able to offer refunds or returns.

This however does not apply to mobile units. No warranty or assurance is provided for equipment used in mobile units.




We prefer to stick to major Espresso brands such as Wega, Astoria and La San Marco due to their reputation for reliability, durability & readily available parts:


One of the largest espresso machine manufacturers in the world, Astoria is an Italian-based espresso machine manufacturing company focused on providing quality machines which are known for their longevity, simplicity, versatility and ability to produce exceptional espresso based beverages.

Whether the machines are traditional or super automatic, the technical jewels from Astoria guarantee the perfect combination of elegance and technological innovation.


Its core-business is the production and distribution of professional espresso coffee machines, coffee grinders and accessories. They are known worldwide for their remarkable reliability, functional excellence, durability and good value for money.

If you haven’t heard of Wega, visit your nearest coffee shop!


The Company’s winning card has always been renowned performance of its products. A brand used internationally, synonymous with prestige and product quality.

The international La San Marco clientele is represented by bars and related premises, served by an extensive sales network with over 160 agents, licensees, importers and authorized resellers capable of guaranteeing technical after-sale assistance.